Hear From Our Clients

“We were renting from Laurie and Angela’s company last year. My husband got orders to PCS back to our hometown. Although our lease had not expired, they honored the military clause and we were able to have a “no hassle” move on our part. Thanks guys, you are the best. If we ever move back to the Fort Bragg area, we’ll be sure to look you up!!”
-Samatha Stephens

“When you rent a house, there’s always the concern that a renter won’t treat your home with the care you would treat it. When you live overseas, far from that home, your concerns are even stronger. That’s where Laurie Lunsford and her team from ACT Property Management put all our concerns to rest. Laurie has been incredibly responsive, helpful, proactive, and has put more time into managing our home than we could have ever hoped. She answers all our questions, follows up any issues with the house, and gets back to us right away. We can’t recommend her enough. She treats our home as her home, and that is the best you could ever hope for with a property manager.”
-Ann Marie Yocum

“I highly recommend Laurie Lunsford with ACT Property Management to any one wanting to rent out their property! Because our property has been empty for over a year, we ran into many problems, (dripping faucets, faulty heater, etc.) when getting it ready for a tenant to move in. Laurie has made it totally easy for us. She handled each and every problem, getting everything fixed and the condo in excellent shape for the tenant. She has taken it off of our shoulders and put it on hers, making our life much easier. Thank you, Laurie!”
-BJ Pace